I'm Nicolas, also known as nicoo, and this is my homepage. My workpage is in another castle.
My pronouns are singular they, them, their; it's not always accurate, but it's good enough.
Ridiculous stock hacker picture
I design and build technology that is respectful of its users and their privacy.
I am on the system administration team and board of directors of Nos oignons, a French non-profit that operates Tor exit nodes.
I volunteer as a sysadmin for several organisations, and contribute to the Debian project.
I may rant about containers, reproducible builds and deployments, and various other oddities.

Of course, the first post of this blah had to be the dreaded, self-referential one.
The blah is the somewhat less articulate and less self-important cousin of the blog.

The TL;DR version is: ikiwiki compiles a static website, using ikistrap to work well with the Bootstrap 4 stylesheet, for which I wrote a Solarized colorscheme.

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